Helping you foster a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

DE&I Consultancy

As part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) consultancy, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We apply external insight to create people-focused strategies, policies, initiatives and programmes that promote a diverse and inclusive culture.

With over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, we have a successful track record of collaborating and engaging with stakeholders at all levels, from technical and commercial teams to executive leaders and boards. Through interactive training sessions, reviews, programmes and resource groups, Younique Inclusion helps organisations raise awareness of unconscious bias, conscious inclusion, cultural competence, and inclusive work environments.

Our DE&I Consultancy services include:

Inclusion training & workshops

Employee resource group (ERG) support

Inclusive recruitment practices & audits

Policy & process reviews

Inclusive leadership development

Diversity & inclusion measurement frameworks

Inclusive communication strategies

Supplier diversity programmes

Individual/team coaching

As an ICF certified coach delivering pure coaching, also known as transformational coaching, we help people change their perceptions of DE&I in order to create a supportive environment and a feeling of belonging. Our approach is focused on nurturing a culture of collaboration and communication designed to improve performance and diversify thinking. 

As part of individual and team coaching services we provide:

Pure/transformational coaching

Career development coaching

Inclusive Leadership development coaching

Menopause coaching

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) found that approximately eight out of ten people in menopause are in work and 25% of them have considered leaving their job because of the symptoms. Driven by statistics such as this, we provide a diverse range of menopause coaching options for individuals and businesses, helping implement inclusive strategies designed to support those working while going through menopause.

Our menopause coaching includes:

Individual menopause coaching

Planning & strategy for businesses

Inclusive leadership training

Education for executive leaders & HR teams

Who we work with

Executive leadership

As an executive leader, or as part of a senior leadership team, you have the ability to drive change in your organisation creating an inclusive environment for your workforce. Younique Inclusion is here to support you on your journey to become a more visible, authentic and educated leader.

HR teams

With an overview of your entire team, you’re at the heart of your organisation. As part of Human Resources, your support is crucial to executive leadership as they drive forward their business strategy. When you partner with Younique Inclusion, we will assist you in underpinning that strategy with inclusive DE&I policies and processes designed to attract and retain the diverse talent needed to accelerate your business.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups provide a platform for underrepresented employees to connect, collaborate and advocate for diversity and inclusion within your organisation. Younique Inclusion acts as extension of your group, helping you establish ERG goals and governance structures to maximise the impact of the work you’re doing.


As an individual looking to achieve your personal and career development goals, Younique Inclusion can support you to establish goals and methods to help you meet your targets.